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Oriental Martial Arts (Kambay Hag A Pit) is a four-corner martial arts with Filipino and Chinese influences that includes the Northern Style (feet techniques), Southern Style (hand techniques), Hard Style (rigid) and Soft Style (fluid). Not to be confused with Mixed Martial Arts, it is a complete system geared towards self development and the expression of one’s heart through the arts.

Modified Karate

It is the hard style of Oriental Martial Arts employing the northern and southern techniques. Karate essentially means empty hand. Modified karate focuses not only on hand techniques, but as well as kicking techniques. Some stances have also been modified along with punches and blocks.


Also known as Kali, Escrima, Sinawali and Baston, it is a Filipino martial arts based on the use of bolos (itak, machetes) as weapons. In Oriental Martial Arts, the art of Arnis is based on the use of the sword which is generally longer than the bolos. In this art is developed hand speed, locks, throws, grappling and foot pinning techniques similar to Aikido and Jiu-jit-su.

Kinabayo or Horse Style

This is the art that employs only kicking techniques (northern style). Not to be confused with Tae Kwon Do, this art is specifically intended to train the legs and feet, the hands are never used. Special requirements must first be met by students before one could receive training of this art.

Maiden Dragon Style

Based on the use of the fans (abanicos), it is the soft style of Oriental Martial Arts where wrist movements and awkward stances are employed. Similar to the Filipino art of Kuntaw (Kung-Tao), it consists of swift angular and circular movements used to take down or throw opponents (partners) without the use of force against force, but to redirect the energy to its proper course.

In Reflection

A master of movement once remarked when asked what he knows: “I know of nothing. I have forgotten everything that I have learned.”

An added saying: “When you were a white belt you aspired to become a black belt. Now that you are a black belt, aspire to become a white belt.”




The Oriental Martial Arts (Kambay Hag A Pit) has its roots in the Philippines under the guidance of Hogier A. Margsila of Capiz in the island of Panay. In the early 80’s, he founded the Free Style Self Defense Association, Inc. with the concept of having his students trained in various arts to unite under one banner.

In 1989, he personally trained Arnel Ladringan by having him come to his home and again in 1993 and 1997. Dodoy Hogier (as we call him) trained Arnel in various forms of martial arts that include modified karate, arnis, abanico (fans), horse style, the heaven sword to name a few. Additional instructions were also given through letters, manuscripts and phone calls to assist his student in furthering his studies of the arts. He encouraged his student to expand on the teachings in order to give way to the expression of one’s creative energies.

One day, his student found himself dancing a certain form to the delight of his teacher upon knowledge of it. It is a form that synthesizes all the arts that Arnel learned from his teacher. The dance that was never taught, but has always been what was being taught all along. Upon this realization, Arnel Ladringan was instructed by his teacher to form the Oriental Martial Arts that comprises the various arts that he learned from his teacher, Hogier Magsila.

Due to its popularity and demand, Modified Karate Club became the forefront of Oriental Martial Arts serving Chicago’s youth since 2001. Not until the organization’s first co-hosting of its first open martial arts tournament in August of 2014 did Oriental Martial Arts become exposed through the introduction of the forms in sticks, the fans and the sword. This immediately gained the curiosity of other martial arts schools of what our art is all about.

We are not traditional martial arts although we still follow essential traditions. We are not Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but rather a complete martial arts system with regard to the development of Body, Mind and Spirit.




This art is developed not to create drastic force, but to develop ways to evade the sphere of destructive activity near someone.

This is the art of fighting without the use of force against force, but the ability to control it to follow its natural course.

The cultivation of this art lessens the burden of the physical body of too much activity and trains the mind the proper course of nature.

The Center is the source of Power and Manifestation; others do not belong in that Center


Only one point could be manifested in a circle. Be that point.
When you move, the circle moves with you. Therefore, you are the Center forever, if you know.


Once you are in someone else’s circle, your intention is to possess its center.
The center of the body is the heart. So try to capture one’s heart.
If you could do this, then success is near you.


Those who oppose your center will attempt to create their own manifestation in order that they could control your existence.
But if you are always with one body, mind and spirit, no one could claim supremacy over your circle.


When you act, act. Do not hesitate. Otherwise, neutralize the act that is directed towards you. That is how to move.


The strong is weak and the weak is strong. What is needed is knowledge of karma.


Movement is the Law of the Universe. Dance and you shall confuse them.


A master of movement is not defensive, but rather free to accept any attempts to hinder its freedom.

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